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"The World" is dissolving but we still have Camps Bay
Posted by on Dec 16th, 2009

Someone sent me this picture and it reminded me of all the promise that Dubai “The World” held.

I thought i’d share it with you.

Pity..i was planning on buying that cabbage patch.

Now its all proper f*cked.

“That project is unlikely ever to be completed. Work on it stopped earlier this year when the developer, Nakheel, ran out of money. Deprived of essential maintenance and reinforcement, the islands are slowly slipping back beneath the waves. “They’re just blobs of dirty sand sinking back into the sea.” [guardian]

Did you hear that… “blobs of dirty sand”…

Think ill just stick to Campers for now thanks…if you can get there what with all the ridiculous traffic today.

[Thanks Peter]

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