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Fly Colton Fly!! America's most wanted teen-bandit.
Posted by on Dec 14th, 2009

Not that Life is Savage is condoning crime or anything, but this kid is becoming a legend and we like.

Looks like your average bloke right?

Get this though.

“Colton Harris-Moore, a gangly 18-year-old with furtive eyes and a dimpled chin, has been on police blotters since he was accused of stealing a bike at the age of 8. Since then, he is suspected of having committed nearly 100 burglaries in Washington, Idaho and Canada. Police allege that he graduated from bikes to cars, then to speedboats. Lately, he is suspected of stealing three small aircraft — all the more impressive given that he has never taken a single flying lesson.” [more at]

He’s become a cult hero with 11, 000 facebook fans. T shirts with his face and the words Fly Colton Fly! are selling like hotcakes and he’s being labeled as the new Frank Abagnale Jr ( the dude from Catch Me If You Can).

A recently stolen Mercedes Benz was found by police with a camera and only one picture on it. Colton’s face.

Love that work.


[Thanks Dean]

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