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10 000 flying lanterns sets new world record
Posted by on Dec 9th, 2009

Life is Savage is all about the things that make YOU happy and this my friends is what its all about.

A new world record was set on Monday when 10 000 flying lanterns were launched into the night sky in Jakarta, Indonesia.




Excuse me, i can’t hear you over how awesome that sh*t is.

“The flying lantern is a Chinese tradition. It is essentially a paper bag with a block of paraffin with a wick suspended by wire across the opening. The lantern lifts when the wick is lit, warming the air inside like a hot air balloon. Freedom Faithnet Global said it organized the lantern release as a symbol of hope and prayer as part of annual celebrations. This year’s celebrations have an environmental focus.” [wlwt]

Im sure with the right organisers we can break that record here in South Africa (preferably in Cape Town ) hey..imagine watching that just after you puffed on the good stuff.

Good times.

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