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The Baby Chronicles: 6 weeks old
Posted by on Nov 24th, 2009

Many of you have been asking what happened to the baby chronicles and its been 6 weeks since baby Dylan ( dad insists i refer to him as baby Awesome from now on) was born. I’ve just been giving the mom and dad some breathing room and hopefully I can keep you updated more frequently.


Mom spent 3 days in Kingsbury Hospital and tells me the service ,especially from  the nursing sisters, was outstanding. Dad was not so convinced since he said the TV only had four channels and they wouldn’t give him any morphine (thank you lord).

First walk on the promenade.6 days old.

Momma was up and walking the following day while dad pushed baby Awesome around the hospital looking for old people in wheelchairs to race (I’m starting to wonder if it was such a good idea for him to be a father). Both of them asked me to thank everyone who came to visit as well as everyone who helped out at the hospital.

First time at Caprice..yes please.

Not much drama except on day four when the baby blues kicked in and momma cried when leaving the hospital and again at the mere sight of a Woolworth chicken drumstick (still can’t explain that one but I bet dad has something to with it). By the time they left the hospital Awesome had lost 10 % (apparently all babies do) of his weight putting him at 3.05 kgs. The first week at home proved rather uneventful apart from breastfeeding issues. Mom says he wasn’t latching on properly which resulted in serious nipple pain, a crying baby and eventually a crying momma. Dad offered to demonstrate how to latch onto a nipple, but  the mom told him to back off since that’s how they got pregnant in the first place.

They ended up going to Bonnita Jones a highly recommended midwife. She’s apparently so good that dad has renamed her “the baby whisperer”. She sorted everything out and by week two all was back on track. Im told Awesome is a lazy feeder that’s why he hasn’t piled on the weight. It didn’t help that they had him circumcised (yes they did it..please don’t bombard the comment section..its done).

Week 3 saw him make some serious gains and he weighed in at 3.9 kg but more on that in the next post.

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