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Drunk woman falls in front of subway train.
Posted by on Nov 11th, 2009

SPOILER ALERT: she survives and no it wasn’t Marie (Camps Bay’s most famous resident HERE).

A 26 year old woman decided it would be a solid idea to get ass-backward drunk and wonder around a Boston subway station. As she tries to put out a cigarrette she loses her balance (the drunk wobbles) and bails onto the tracks.

Cue oncoming train.


Close one lady. Good thing you were hammered otherwise you woulda kakked yourself hey.

She was treated for scrapes on her knees.

Get plastered, rack up some carpet burns with a stranger and play chicken with a train. Sounds like a epic razzle dazzle to me.

Good times

[Thanks Chad and Brad]

Stevo kenya says:
November 11, 2009 at 4:35 am

I think she still did turd her brooks! Awesome!

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