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PUMA says Winter is So Last Season
Posted by on Nov 10th, 2009

The kak weather in Cape Town at the moment resulted in a long overdue trip to Canal Walk and i stopped by the PUMA store to check out what the good folks are up to.

Check out the window display.


“Winter is so last season”.

See what they did there..took me a while but i finally got it.

Feel free to throw around the word genius.

And how those penguins hey. I want the orange one. I think im gonna call him Ryan.

They got some rad new stuff (go see for yourself) and i managed to pick up these bordies. Apparently there are only 5 in the country. Yes can count that on one hand.

09.11.2009 043

I wanna show you the back, but i cant..its too beautiful.

You will start crying.

Good times.

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