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The Baby Chronicles : D-Day
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2009

12 October 2009, will from now on be known as Dylan Day..or D-Day (insert choir singing)

At exactly 8.24 am, baba Dylan unleashed his 3.4 kilo’s of awesome onto the world.

I was priviledged to be at Kingbury Hospital to welcome him and Iv’e been thinking how i could fit everything into one one post, but unfortunately it has proved impossible so i’ve decided to just make a timeline..if that’s ok with you guys. Dad gave me his notebook and after filtering through all the junk (its like the Da Vinci code for retards) i  managed to find the following:

6am: Arrive at the hospital in the pouring rain (lucky sign?)

bluerobe6.15am: Deal with check in and go up to the maternity ward. ** (momma) is nervous as hell, but she is soon in those blue robes that show your ass cheeks and hooked up to a machine that checks the babies heart rate. Momma freaks when they take a blood sample from her toe. (not a good sign).

7 am: Anaethetist comes to explain whats gonna happen. Has a strange sense of humour that doesn’t translate well with momma, but i laugh anyway because he is really big.

7.30am: Momma wheeled towards surgery and i go get changed into scrubs. They only have them in green. They must be eco-friendly at this hospital.

7.45am: Its cold in the operating theatre. Moms nips are like bullets. She is starting to panic at the sight of all the needles and what not. The staff tell me to stand still and not touch anything after i walk around to inspect the equipment.

8am: The epidural injection has been moms greatest fear. Panic stations. I fully expect momma to stab the doctor in the neck with his own needle. Mom braces and the doc says “all done” before she can even blink. Mom felt sweet nothing. Nada. Zilch. All that drama for nothing.

8.10am: Mom’s says her legs are warm, but she can’t feel anything. Game on. I ask if i can help, but they decline the offer. Some slicing, some snipping ,some pulling apart of abs and voila.


8.24am: Baba Dylan enters the world bum first. They show him to mom and she cries. They show him to me and at that exact moment something flies into my eye.

8.30am: Dylan scores a more than respectable 9 out of 10 in the APGAR (heart,lungs,muscles,stimulation,colour) test. Go on my son. 1 point gets deducted because he is a little pale. I tell the pedaetrician that his mom is Canadian thats why he’s pale and she rolls her eyes. Makes sense no.

8.35am: They give him to mom for some skin to skin loving. Its all worth it to see them together.


8.45am: Dylan and i head for the maternity ward while they stitch up momma. I get my chance and officially welcome him with a solid “who’s the best baba in the world?”.

9.30am: Everyone together. All smiles, especially mom who had a pethidine injection and is now high as a kite.


What a great day..if ever there was to a time to say good times it would be now. Will fill you on the how the mom and dad (especially him) are coping with parenthood next week.

Nagib says:
October 10, 2009 at 5:49 pm

ya ya something flies into your eye @ the same time … pfffff !!! man up and say u cried more than both of them put together !! lol

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