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First pic of the new A-TEAM..with Sharlto Copley
Posted by on Oct 26th, 2009

South African (and saviour of prawns ) , Sharlto Copley looking sharp as “Howling Mad” Murdock.

Thats him in the middle there, next to  B.A Baracus (sans gold


I know its just the first picture, but come now guys…just a tad too much sprinkling of Hollywood hey? Bradley Cooper looks  like a right tosser (sorry Brad, but we call it like we see it). Hopefully they tone that sh*t down.

Here’s what Movie|Line has to say about Sharlto’s character:

“Filthy baseball cap? Check. Distressed leather jacket? Check. Cargo pants with pockets big enough to tote around the anti-psychotic medications he needs to gobble down every hour, lest he suffer an upsetting episode where he collapses into the fetal position and screams about trash-bags*? Check. Sharlto Copley’s Howling Mad Murdock is ready for action, looking much the same as the character did in the mid-80s…”

I like that. Good times.

Check out what the writer has to say about the rest of the cast HERE.

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