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Characteristics of successful internet entrepreneurs
Posted by on Oct 22nd, 2009

If you ever have aspirations of becoming a successful internet entrepreneur then this article is for you my friend.

Ever wondered what the secret is behind the success of some of the internets biggest companies? Well the folks over at FOCUS have put together a rather nifty list of 12 characteristics that are the key components in their success.

  1. DETERMINATION: Steve Jobs, Apple/Pixar
  2. INNOVATION: Sergey Brin/Larry Page, Google
  3. FRUGALITY: Aaron Patzer, Mint
  4. EXPERIMENTATION: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  5. ECCENTRICITY: Tim Ferris,
  6. SIMPLICITY: Chad Hurley/Steve Chen/Jawed Karim, YouTube
  7. CONSUMER FOCUS: Paul Graham,Viaweb
  8. ICONCLASTIC: Niklas Zennstrom, Kazaa/Skype/Joost
  9. AMBITION: Jeff Bezos,
  10. FOCUS: Max Levchin, PayPal
  11. OPPORTUNISM: Tom Anderson, MySpace
  12. FLEXIBILITY: Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia

Quite a hardcore list hey. Quality. I must mention that the original article explains why the characteristics go with each person. It’s an awesome read and well worth the time.

Experimentation: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Experimentation: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

 For the full article (do yourself a favour) go HERE.

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