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Blade-Free fan invented by Dyson
Posted by on Oct 15th, 2009

Scratch this off your “things-i-must-invent-that-will-make-me-rich” list because James Dyson has this one in the bag.

Dyson and his company spent 4 years perfecting the design for a fan that has no blades. Yep. You can stick your finger (or whatever you like Reinier) straight through.

How cool is this thing.


According to the press release the fan ” uses some innovative airflow engineering to pull air up through an energy-efficient brushless motorbase and multiply it 15 times, expelling it through an airfoil-shaped ramp at a rate of 118 gallons a second”. [CNET]

Yah..i didn’t get that bit either.

Looks cool though doesn’t it?  But at $300 its quite pricey hey. I’d rather use that money to go chill at Caprice and sip on a 2oceansvibe cocktail.

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