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Ubuntu Africa: good deed for the day
Posted by on Oct 14th, 2009

Actually good deed for a life time if look at it a certain way. A friend of mine (hi Whitney ) founded a company called Ubuntu Africa and i’ve  been meaning to write something for a while about the excellent work they do. 


This is the deal: “Ubuntu Africa  is dedicated to providing support services and facilitating access to lifesaving healthcare to children, teens and pregnant women in Khayelitsha, South Africa. They offer comprehensive community-based programs that address the needs of young people and pregnant mothers who are HIV positive. UBA is also committed to fostering an empowered attitude towards HIV/AIDS among young people in South Africa and the United States.”

How magic is that hey?Whitney Johnson from the USA was so moved by the desperate state of HIV-infected children and teens in Khayelitsha that she founded UBA to make a difference.I dont know about you, but when i heard her story i was quite embarrassed really.She had to come all this way to help out and what have i done? Come now people..its not hard..lets give this programme some exposure and help them out.Every little bit counts.

Look how happy they are....

Look how happy they are....

Several ways you can help a fellow blogger or journalist, you can write a story about them like i did, or you can visit the website HERE and make a  direct donation.There is even a sponsorship program that will allow your company to be associated with their charitable cause.If you are feeling adventurous then visit who have pledged to donate a portion of your ticket purchases to Ubuntu Africa. Now, i dont know about you, but i recon that if ever i was gonna win the lotto then i may as well get the Karma gods on my side. I’ve already bought my tickets and if i win ill make a public donation of 5% to Ubuntu Africa..easy as that.

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