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The Vintage Fair @ the Old Biscuit Mill
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2009

Heard of the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock? Thought so.. pretty awesome spot to chill on Saturday mornings for breakfast or brunch ( i go early to avoid the madness) and to catch the weeks interesting stories( i overheard somebody talking about Life is Savage last Sat..brought a proud tear to my eye..sniff) . The ecofriendly environment, organic choices and interesting foods are what brings people back every week and the success has resulted in a new concept that will be running on Sundays..whats that you say? yes.. you heard me..on Sunday.

Behold the next step in the evolution of the Mill ( yes ..just say the Mill..its much cooler)



I mean..come now..have you ever seen a more awesome poster.. i wanna go there right now…and buy stuff i dont really need. What can you expect from the Vintage Fair? This is what the website has to say: “the hand selected vendors sell products they have themselves sourced, refurbished, preserved or handcrafted”.. but you need to go there yourself to see what the deal is.

Do yourself a favour and go visit the website HERE.. its pretty slick i must say. Well done chaps. All the info is there.. when,where, how and application forms if you wanna apply to be a vendor. See you on Saturday morning and dont forget the grand opening of the Vintage Fair on the 11th October. Good times.

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