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Mariah Carey takes another stab at acting
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2009

What a classic Glitter was.. i know you watched it..ladies (and Chris L)? Mariah still can’t figure out why it was voted one of  the worst movies of all time so she is giving it another bash by acting in another movie called Precious due out beginning November.The role of a drab social worker was supposed to go to icon Helen Mirren but when she backed out the director apparently  immediately asked Mariah to step in. Yes because they clearly have the same acting chops right?

Carey had to leave the diva at home and during a recent interview she had this to say about  director Lee Daniels:

“That was such a freeing experience for me. By making me look so bad he brought out the ability to never be self-conscious again, and that was a gift that he gave me.”[YAHOO]

Ok, lets just focus on that a little shall we. If you look at the picture at the bottom and think ..”hey..thats what i look like” then Mariah Carey has just dissed YOU… in public. The nerve. There are gonna be alot of upset Sea Point real estate agents this morning.


Normal ( read photoshopped)


Made to look bad (ie no make-up)

Which one do you think Nick Cannon wakes up to?

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