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Baz the Alien's true colours..
Posted by on Sep 17th, 2009

As much as Baz has been trying to hide his true identity he just couldn’t resist the temptation of good times, earth women and neon lights, all of which were conveniently provided by Cafe Caprice for the Kings of Neon party last week Friday.Needless to say the place went mental (doesn’t it always) and Baz was looking fierce with his true colours emerging..


Where Baz is from, eyebrows are where its at and it wasn’t long before a lady caught his attention.Baz was overheard singing : ” Edelweiss..Edelweiss…” his mating call before sweeping her off her feet.


Having just met such a stunning example of the human female, you’d think that he would be satisfied, but noooooooooooo… the savage inside was hungry for more and it wasn’t long before he moved on and was seen giving sexy eyes to the flower seller guy.


Good times hey Baz..

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