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Who the $%^&* is Rain anyway? did it make the Hawt Post?!
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2009

Ok so ive been on WordPress for a couple of months now and im really enjoying it ..but everyday i log in at the main page  im dumbstruck by some of the blogs that make it to the hot posts section.There are without a doubt relevant and deserving posts that get alot of attention but some are complete rubbish(i’ve posted some silly made up crap myself but not once did i imagine that it would be taken seriously).. and the one that is currently pissing me off  even made it to the Hawt post earlier.Does WordPress monitor which article or blog makes the Hawt Post..(call me naive but can somebody at wordpress explain it?)” Rain disses Megan Fox”  has 109 comments at present and  only a few bothered to check the link he posted of the article in the National “I”nquirer( thats what the post says..[I]nquirer but the link picture uses the [E] coz the real NE is the most trustworthy news source in the world right :) )..and at the bottom the date clearly say NE 18 July 6,2009…last time i checked that day hasn’t happened yet(or do they predate their print editions).. If its a joke then good for you pal ,ya fooled me but it still doesnt deserve to be the Hawt post..if not then who the @#$% is that Rain guy anyways..never heard of him.

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