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Dead jokes about MJ?
Posted by on Jun 26th, 2009

As i wrote my post on the death of Michael Jackson i was reading the comment sections  posted online and what struck me ,apart from the overwhelmingly positive messages, was the fact that there are those out there who cant help but deal some posthumous low blows.Even my facebook status updates ranged from the benign “Thriller” in response to the breaking the mild “ in pieces”  and  the downright crude “michael jacksons death is so tragic, he touched so many children in so many special ways.”
I’m ok with this..its uncool to make fun of a dead guy ..but hey..its your opinion and your are entitled to say what you want.What annoys me is the instant response from the people who read said nasty comments.They suddenly pull the moral high ground card and talk about respect and religion and racism and hatred!! What did you say when he was alive and was charged with child molestation…did you laugh at the jokes then or did you go around saying how great he is?Double standards are a $#%&**.Just because he is dead doesn’t suddenly make him immune from criticism..infact his death will probably see the release of ALL his court related documents..and im willing to bet they aint gonna be pretty.Im gonna miss MJ and his moonwalk(i still cant get it right)….but im by no means gonna make him a saint and if someone makes a joke about his death ill just think of this poor kid whose confused comment made me smile:

“Why do you have to make jokes about him? He was an icon and many fans adored him, I’m gonna make fun of you when you die, and I’ll bleach your skin too, so I can then switch the bodies out and you’ll be michael jackson. How do you like them apples?”

smooth criminal

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