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The Baby Chronicles: momma overseas..22 weeks 1 day
Posted by on Jun 19th, 2009

I told you last time that the momma and the little lion were headed to Canada to see family and friends and that dad was staying behind.I accompanied them to the airport(damn that place is a confusing mess) and was hoping to snap some emotional farewell pics but alas they held it together.Dad did however get slightly pissed off at airport security for not letting him accompany the momma to the check in counter.I dont blame him since the security female insulted his limited intelligence by asking if he could read the sign that said “passengers only”!He had a valid point

baba getting some early love and good energy

baba getting some early love and good energy

though..his lady was pregnant and he wanted to help her lift her heavy luggage(all the ladies together now..ahhh sweeet!).Security didnt budge and mom went to check in all alone.She returned all smiley though since she pulled the “im pregnant-and-everyone-must-be-nice-to-me card and got a whole row to herself..sneaky.The check-in lady also said that she needed a letter if she wanted to fly after she was 27 weeks pregnant so that means she may have to come back earlier( dad goes woop woop!).Ill keep you posted on her return date.From what i’ve heard everyone in Canada is super stoked to see her and the evergrowing tummy.She is being spoilt rotten while poor dad is at home trying to figure out how the hell to cook broccoli in the microwave( he says people make it sound so simple but its $%^&**# not).Dad is also finding it hard to sleep properly now since not having his family next to him just doesnt feel right.Someone asked him if he was happy to be a dad and he asked me to post this response..its only an excerpt because the entire message is way to0 long but ill keep posting sections in later entries:

“of course im happy im having a baby,more than happy..and im greatly priviledged and honoured to have someone as amazing as ********* as the mother(deep within im shaking with the violence of existing for only you baby!xxx)..Im excited that we have the opportunity to show our son the meaning of compassion and loyalty..responsibilty,courage and self belief.He need not be perfect,just happy..and the thought of him being happy makes me smile already.”

Dad can get really emo gay!Im gonna kick him in the nuts when i see him!He also sent me this picture of the baba getting some early love and good energy.Other than that im informed that the baba is kicking alot more now..especially after the mom has had some sugary Red Bull..just kidding :) They updated the tummy profile  poster and added one more line 20.06.2009 014before the momma left.Wonder what its gonna look like when she gets back?Baby is at his fastest growing stage and can hear sounds well enough to respond to noises and music.I was gonna add some more detailed info but ill leave that for next time.I also asked the momma to take lots of pictures while she is away(to add some Canadian flavour) so im waiting for those to arrive and ill post them hopefully in my next baby chronicles entry.The dad also sent me this picture which i wasnt going to post in fear that it may gross some people out but im putting it in anyway because its so remarkable and everytime i look at it i get goosebumps.It shows a surgeon performing an operation on an unborn baby..amazingly the baby is grabbing  his crazy is life :)


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