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Ozzies knocked out of T20..hahahaha!
Posted by on Jun 9th, 2009

A not-so-happy Australian cricket team is on their way home having been knocked out the World Twenty20 championship.Even Ireland have made it to the next round! The ozzis suffered a 6 wicket defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka.The Australian team are reining champs but poor planning and sub par performances have resulted in an early exit.The team is also struggling with off the field drama.Captain Ricky Ponting has stated that sending home Andrew Symonds upset the temas balance.Symonds was recently included in the side after being suspended and a week into the tournament he was sent home again for an incident involving alcohol.What the hell is wrong with professional sports these days..cant a guy have a couple of beers?Symonds was smashing the ball all over the park at the recent IPL in South Africa..the guy is on top form and you send him home just coz he had some beers!! come now ..i’d love to see ozzie management try stopping David Boon(who famously vomited on the adelaide oval in a WSC game in 1988 before a live national television audience of millions ..he went on to make 122 and win Man Of The Match) or Merv Hughs from drinking back in the old days..look at Gibbs from SA.. another player with discipline problems..give him some booze and watch the fireworks i say :)


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