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Tough week for oldies..
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2009

Not such a good week for the elderly.. It started late last week when the most famous person on the internet( maybe the universe) Susan Boyle did NOT win Britains Got Talent..oohh the drama… maybe she peaked too early and people were you-tubed out and sick of watching her..she did put on a brave face when they announced the winners but my secret source managed to catch her backstage just before she had a breakdown and was admitted to a clinic.

susan boyle

David Carradine reportedly hung himself in a Thailand hotel earlier david carradinetoday.The Kill Bill and Kung Fu star had appeared in more than 100 films and im sad to see him go..especially under such circumstances.I liked him.He was in Thailand filming a new movie.


millvinaA couple of days ago the last remaining survivor of the Titanic passed away.Millvina Dean was 97 and was the youngest of the 706 survivors.Interestingly she was invited to watch the movie “Titanic” but refused to attend.She died having never seen the movie and only found out that she was on board when she was eight years old.She was two months old when she boarded the ship with her family.

Lastly,and on a more heartwarming note..keep your girlfriend close to your heart..she may save your life.Charlie Truman,a D-Day veteran from World War 2 told reporters today that during the beach landing he had a picture of his girlfriend in his top pocket.He had gone back ,against orders, to retrieved the framed photograph and 700 meters inland he was struck by a bullet that would have pierced his heart had the metal frame not deflected it.mmm …bet she never let him hear the end of it :)

the bullet hit top center just to the left

the bullet hit top center just to the left

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