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The Baby Chronicles 17 weeks..
Posted by on May 14th, 2009

Was really weird and awesome at the same time to wish the mom from the baby chronicles a happy mothers day on the weekend.So crazy to think that she is ALREADY a mom.Its easy to believe when you actually see a baby,but to grasp that a fully formed human being  is moving around in there is still strange.She constantly touches her tummy and when asked what she is doing her response is always: “why not..he’s in there and it makes him happy!”..she does sometimes fart and asks whether the baby thinks its really loud(she is definately gonna yell at me for writing that!)!!At night she says she wonders if she can feel him moving or if its just her tummy growling for more food.Mom and Dad went to see Doctor Zinn at Kingsbury this week for a routine prenatal checkup and sent me these

Dr Zinn and momma

Dr Zinn and momma

pictures to post.According to the good doctor the mom wont feel the baby kicking yet since the baby cant reach the uterine wall  and because mom has such good stomach muscles(dad says this is definately a lie :) )Also..since its her first pregnancy her uterus will move upward and not outwards.Mom has moved up to 65 kilograms( 145 pounds) and is gaining weight the point that its making her slightly self-concious.She is the heaviest she’s ever been and constantly changes clothes,wondering if she looks really fat.Non-sense i this picture she asked me to take

all the weight gain in the jubblies!!

all the weight gain in the jubblies!!

will testify.Not too shabby for a lady who is seventeen weeks pregnant and 38 years old.She is also worrying about stretch marks and the dark vertical line that supposedly appears below the belly button.She used to apply Bio Oil but apparently the doctor mentioned something about brilliant marketing and not-so-effective results and instead recommended Dermastine.The doc also told her to lay off the face cream that contains vitamin A as well as the Voltaren inflammatory gel she was using for the shoulder pain.The pain has disappeared since last week’s crappy weather has cleared and she is now paranoid that she has arthritis.Will let you know how she feels the next time it rains!She also still has a stuffy nose and sleeps during the day more frequently which ends up making her nights more restless!

The mom and dad were both present at the routine ultrasound and have confirmed that it is most certainly a boy(dad says he 17weekshad no doubt that the white smudge was a ding dong!).The image on the left is hard to interpret but its from underneath the baby.He has his legs crossed and inbetween is the wanger!The mom said that he moved less this time around but they did see him moving his hand around his face touching his nose and putting his thumb in his mouth.According to the books, the dad says that at 17 weeks the baby is forming fat that is important in heat production and insulation.He is around 140-145 grams.He is reacting to noises and dad has started talking to him slowly but surely.They are still recieving random gifts and beside a blanket this week they recieved a beautiful blue baby album.They also wanted to thank all the people who are providing advice and support.They are really happy that so many people are showering the little guy with love so early.


Lera says:
May 05, 2009 at 11:58 am

hey crazy man!are you still alive after writing here that mama farts a lot?=))) did MC let you love for now!?=)
its amazing how quickly her tummy grew!,its been only 2month since i left but she looks so different,amazing,i am so upset i am not there to watch everything closely!when is she due?
how is Bazzels bet goind?when will u update new pictures?=)saw Maaike in Paris she sends her congratulations!=)

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