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Can somebody teach me how to do this ..please!
Posted by on May 13th, 2009

Most of the people who know me..will certainly testify that i take more pictures than anyone at any particular social event.I love taking pictures and, much like the reasoning that inspired this blog , i feel that my images provided a unique perspective on my life and that of those around me.I regret not documenting certain things in the past and hopefully we can all look back one day and remember a moment that otherwise would just have been a memory.I went to a gallery a couple of months back and was blown away by the series of photographs on display.The pictures were taken by Jonathan Taylor and even though i know how it was accomplished ,the technique is a secret i would love to learn.Brilliant.

jonathan taylor

You can see more of the images on the website

Gallery F is located at 221 Long Street ,Cape Town if you are interested or know anyone interested in purchasing his work.

A statement  from the photographer:”Extended exposure times theoretically include more detail, like several frames from a movie camera, yet the movement of the camera simultaneously confuses detail, creating broad strokes to manipulatethe act of perception. These hidden correspondences between rationale and emotion, between technique and subject are at constant play in photography, where there is an obligation to use theactual, but none to report the truth. The removal of detail starts a dialogue between perceived reality and imagination.”J.Taylor

Dont you wish you can talk like that in everyday conversation!! :)

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