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Not cool..just needed to use the toilet dammit..
Posted by on May 12th, 2009

Went for a drive today and my lady desperately needed to use the bathroom( number 1).I was on Black River parkway heading to Milnerton and stopped at the first petrol station.It was occupied ..we drove petrol station..occupied as well and did not smell good( more like stale pee she said!) so on we went.Eventually made our way to Woodbridge Island and parked in front of a restaurant.She jumped out and in a very polite manner asked the guy at the front if she could use the bathroom.Unbelievably the guy told her it was against the law to allow anyone who is not a customer to use the toilet!!Huh…does this kind of thing still do we expect to be be treated like a decent first world city if we still act like morons..

way to go..make our city look stupid..

way to go..make our city look stupid..

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