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Chelsea..unlucky & embarrassing..
Posted by on May 8th, 2009

Not gonna say much here( as its done and no use complaining ) except that ,apart from the debatable incidents, Chelsea( read Drogba moron) should have made the most of their opportunities and finished off the game without having to rely on the ref( who ive just heard has been invited to downtown Chelsea to have a beer and “discuss” his decisions) .And to top it off Ballack and Drogba make asses of themselves at the end of the game.

look hands..

look hands..

The Chelsea game dominated the sports news and overshadowed a much better game on the weekend.This is the highlights of the Greek Cup Final between Olympiakos and AEK:

  • 4th minute. AEK score
  • 8th minute.Same AEK player score again
  • 46th minute Olympiakos scores
  • 70th minute Olympiakos level the score
  • 90th minute AEK score
  • Injury time Olypiakos level the score 3-3
  • 102 min(extra time) Olympiakos scores
  • 103 min Olmpiakos player sent off for excessive celebration
  • 105 min another Olympiakos player sent off for harsh play
  • second period of extra time AEK level the score 4-4
  • penalty shoot out
  • Olympiakos 15 AEK 14!!!!!!!!!!

What an insane soccer match..especially for a final!

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